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Logitech G29 - PC - F1 2020 - FFB problem


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I apologize in advance in my poor English.
When I use thrustmaster eswap pro controller via ffb I can feel when I add too much throttle or when I push too much into the turn.

With G29 I feel quite ffb but I don’t feel what I feel with eSwap. I can't determine when I'm close to the limit without that part of ffb.

I can feel the resistance when turning wheel and feel bumps... but ingame setting like On Track Effect and Rumble Strip Effect are dead. No matter the value I entered- 0 or 100 - just no effect.

I hope you understand me.

I tried Logitech Gaming software, G Hub. Try to uninstall each with Geek uninstaller, try to change name in registry ... Nothing works. It would even make things worse. Even try the SteeringWheelSDKDemo.exe but it is acting funny

Please help. I'm slowly going crazy now.

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