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Wet to inter tyre issue

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At the British Grand Prix in the second season of My Team I had an issue where only half of the AI changed from wets to inters when the rain was easing and the pace of the AI on wets wasn't much different to those on inters.

I went from wets to inters as I could see the rain was getting lighter and there was less standing water. I also did it as I'd seen a couple of AI cars do the same on the previous lap and expected the rest to follow suit. By doing it early I thought I'd get the jump on the AI who would stay out for a lap or two longer.

I was surprised to see that as the race went on, only 11 of the 21 AI cars had gone on to inters, with the rest still on wets and setting lap times only a second or two slower than those on inters, including myself.

I finished in 15th after starting 10th, but worst of all was that I could have got a really good points finish. When I pitted I was in 9th place behind Stroll, who finished 4th after doing the whole race on wets.

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And I can give you is.... Let’s this be a lesson to you.... Jeff for all his faults(he has a lot) is still a good indicator off when to pit.    When I face conditions like you did... I constantly ask for weather updates every lap.Always as I’m entering the 3rd sector just so I can pit that lap if need be.  tell you the weather what tyre is still best to be on.  

Must say I do enjoy reading your updates.

You can always do a mid session save just before you pit.  Even though I know your not the type that likes easy way outs

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This sounds like a tire temp problem to me. The wets are still cool enough to not burn up while the inters are not warm enough to get traction. 

Your simply got caught in a transition window. Check temps before ya change tires I'm sure there has to be a noticeable pattern.

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3 hours ago, peanutt2000 said:

What temps should we be looking for?

I seriously have no idea or care... I play with the diff until I find the right balance... which I personally find works... I’m to occupied keeping my car on the black stuff to be looking at tyre temps

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