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Logitech G27 Settings - Recommended FFB Settings Sharing Thread

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Hello  everyone,

Update: 07.03.2016
There's a great mod available on RD if anyone's struggling with the vibrations being too loud.

My current settings:

Old version.

I've searched but didn't found - a subject to share your personal FFB settings strictly for Logitech G27 steering wheel.

Here's my Profiler:

Ingame settings:

I'm still tweaking it - currently trying to figure out the resistance [Centering Force is really nice - just sometime it's too hard to countersteer but I think it's the tyrefriction which causes that).
P.S. Don't you find G27 a little bit like in a TIR truck (it's placed vertically with too big angle into monitor's direction).

P.S.2. I'm checking new settings and they fell quite better in Finland with V2 car.

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Logitech G27 - These are the settings I find work well for D:R for realistic feel
Wheel Profiler:
Effects Strength 107
Spring 100
Damper 100
Centre Spring 0 Enabled
900deg Rotation

Deadzone 0
Saturation 65
Linearity 0
SAT 125
Wheel friction 15
Tyre friction 15
Suspension 100
Tyre Slip 50
Collision 100
Soft Lock 100
Centre Force 100

I found that, if you want to sacrifice Accuracy for a bit more pace, lower overall force on the profiler to 75% and drop in-game saturation to 60%.  Forces wont feel as realistic, but your reaction with the wheel will be a lot faster.

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Congrats for starting this thread. The G27 wheel deserves it and is wide used and known.

I would like to give you a "couple" of notes. I did some testing on my friends one (Its similar to DFGT to configure, the main difference is G27 is much stronger).

To avoid clipping (wheel going from side to side on straights) let OES at 100; you may need even less force.
and try setting damper and spring to 0, to get a clearer uncovered info of FFB effect. You can raise back them if you need to (I think you will not get back)

Centering is a cool feature that can help the wheel to get back to its natural center position. The bad side is, e.g. when you have the car stand still (0km/h) and turn the wheel to one side, if you release it, it gets back to the center. Totally absurd.

Finally here, I recommend you to use 900º, and soft lock in game (this will activate the real turn ratio of each car)
Pretty much "to each its own" feature BTW, but getting the real ratios may be the best experience.

In game settings:
This is pretty much to each ones liking.

Starting with SAT at 100% is good idea, to see clearly what this effect brings.

Wheel friction is nothing more than that, friction, "dead weight" . Take it as assisted steering, the lower value, the stronger assist (it becomes lighter, but let room to manifest other FFB effects)
I recommend 0 for this one.

Tyre friction seems fine.

Suspension is a cool effect that works pretty well with SAT, but never must be higher than SAT. It helps to get info of the surface you are running over. 20 may be too low.

Tyre slip & collision , just like suspension, are "canned effects". They are not much intrusive at moderate values; it like them, brings more global inmersion and close the FFB effects "pack"

Soft Lock: use this to 150. It will be the force applied when you reach the turn ratio of a car. E.G. 2010´s cars. When you reach 540º you will find a force that will show you the turning limits. You can go beyond and reach the 900º but it does nothing. DOES NOT AFFECT FFB EFFECTS.

Steering center force: another coomnly misundertood feature. This does not center the wheel in motion, that is SAT´s+tyre friction work.
This just autocenter the wheel when you start a new stage (only if it is not centered already) and autoncenter the wheel e.g. you crashed out and use the recovery car button. Again, it the wheel was not centered just after pressing recovey button this will center the will for you.

On both cases the %, is the ammount of force game will use to apply this functions.

Help this may help...


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There's a nice feedback mod available on RD:

I've been struggling with the vibration being too loud and this is simply solving this! I'm finally able to feel the vibration but also hear the game. 
I've had to make them a bit stronger than those recommended. 

Updating my 1st post. 

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