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Formula 2 on the f1 2021 game


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Hello codemasters,

I want to report a few isues i got when i played career mode.
1. First i chose hitech as my f2 team and in a few races i realised that some drivers pit every lap for like 3 laps. I don't know if this is a glitch with my game or just a bug, but its pretty unfair.
2. At the last round at abu dhabi i finished the feature race 6 points ahaid of schumacher( who is 2nd in the championship) in the championship, which meant that the title fight would go to the sprint race. But after the feature race ended i got the champion cut scene and i was named f2 champion whilst schumacher still had a fighting chance for the sprint race. The same happened with carlin named constructors champions whilst prema was only 15 points behind and could still have had a chance to win in the sprint race.
3. In the same gp at abu dhabi in the sprint race the fireworks went of since lap 4 and every lap it was still lighting up in the air until the last lap.

And i have a question about f2 2021 if you guys would like to answer it. 

Will there be 2 sprint races and 1 feature race like in real life or will the f2 2020 format be used? Pls let me know because i really like the 2021 format. 


Aside from these isues its a great game and i love f1 2021, so thx for that.


Greetings from Quinten

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