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Mexico GP

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Good race shame they ruined they high speed corner at the grandstand, great race by Nico it a nice change from Lewis winning all the time. Red bull seems to have a competitive engine for the top 5 now but too little too late also don't know how Bottas remained in the top 4 when he pitted under safety car? there might have been a gap in the field?.
Just to do with timing. I don't know where all the cars were when the SC was deployed, but presumably the Mercedes' were in the first sector, which meant the SC had to wait for a lap to pick the cars up from the end of the pitlane. Therefore Bottas could pass the SC and drive to the delta speed that everyone was driving to, and therefore lose little to no time. If the Mercedes' were just coming round the last corner as the SC was deployed he would've been in trouble. 

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