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King platform storage bed- Space saver with luxury

A King platform storage bed is the ideal furniture piece for your master suite. There is plenty to love about this furniture piece. For status, the bed measures 200cm tall and 150 cm wide. The bed has a built-in support system that eliminates the need for a box spring. King platform storage beds are available in many varieties. They can range from modern, traditional, classic, minimalist, and more.
Besides, King platform storage beds have low profiles and sleek styles. With even as low as $100, you can get yourself a great, durable, and versatile king platform storage bed.

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What are the perks of a king platform storage bed?

1) They are a great space-saving solution.

2) King platform storage beds reduce the need for additional bedrooms storage pieces such as cupboards and wardrobes.

3) In a kid's room, they would be ideal for keeping the room tidy, ass you can easily store toys and books.

4) King platform storage beds allow you to fully utilize the vast storage area under the bed.

5) They give you an excellent opportunity to clear up the clutter in your room, thus offers you a tidy, serene, and organized sleeping area.

6) The bed provides plenty of sleeping space due to its large size.

7) a King platform storage bed offers an abundance of storage within the bed frame.

8) Ideal for those with small homes.

9) They offer a bedroom an attractive presentation.

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Things you need to note prior to purchasing a King platform storage bed.

1) Styles.

There are multiple styles of King size platform beds to choose from.

The divan style king platform storage bed is a traditional style bed base with a sturdy base and a matching mattress. Besides, it has drawer options for storage. Most of them have four standard drawers. The drawers effortless slide in and out to allow you to access the storage space. Other divan styles king platform storage beds have two standard drawers and two small drawers at the bed's footboard.

Ottoman King platform storage beds offer more storage than the divan-style platform bed. The bed's base lifts to reveal storage space underneath. The beds offer an easy opening via lifting. Lifting is done through gas-lift hydraulics. Space allows you to utilize the under-bed storage ultimately as it opens from one side.

The style also offers a TV ottoman bed that provides its users with a TV at the bed's foot. The tv can be lowered or raised using a remote control. Such beds are perfect for staying in, movie nights, and weekends.

The chesterfield inspired ottoman king platform bed is the best option for luxurious people. The bed combines character and style. Additionally, the bed is upholstered with plush fabrics and materials. Buttoned and tufted headboards assist interior designers and homeowners in achieving an elegant look.

A cabin king platform storage bed includes a bun bed and under-bed storage. The bed comes with a desk and drawers as well. The bed is compact hence helps to keep your items organized.
Due to the nature of the ottoman king platform storage bed, its base is sturdy; thus, owners can enjoy its longevity.

2) Weight limit.

Each King platform storage bed has a weight limit that your mattress should not exceed. Moreover, they generally have a specific weight requirement for their occupants too. Therefore, it's vital to know the maximum weight a King platform storage bed can accommodate. Moreover, if you have a partner, you need to check on your weight and the mattress.

Having a bed with the perfect weight limit allows you to distribute your weight evenly as you sleep. Moreover, it protects your mattress from sagging. You should opt for beds with a weight capacity above 2000 pounds.

3) How often will you use the storage compartments?

When purchasing a King platform storage bed, you need to look into the number of ties you will use the storage units. Ottoman beds are ideal when you need to put away things that are not in use daily. Nevertheless, if you need compartments for daily usage, then the divan style should be your best option.

4) Amount of storage space needed.

If you want to store large items, a King platform storage bed with large compartments would suitably. On the other hand, if your items are smaller in size, such as bedding, then a King platform bed with drawers Is ideal.


5) Mobility.

If you frequently move from one area to another or clean up floors regularly, you might want a King platform bed with wheels. These beds are mobile thus easy to move. Besides, you need to check if the bed is easy or hard to assemble.

6) Warranty.

Warranties are a very imperative sector to look into when purchasing a King platform storage bed. You should choose one with a long-term warranty as the bed can get worn down or have occasional issues due to manufacturer errors. Besides, you may need spare parts when a part gets lost or worn out.

7) Methods of cleaning the bed.

Unfortunately, a King platform storage bed traps dust as it sets close to the floor. The lack of space prevents you from using a broom and vacuum cleaners effortlessly.
To clean your King platform storage bed correctly, you need to use a microfiber cloth dampened with white vinegar. Use the damp cloth to wipe off dust at least once a week. To clean the storage spaces, use a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap and gently wipe the panels. Remember to ensure that the storage space is completely dry before placing the items back. Failure to do so promotes the growth of mold.


If you are looking to organize your master suite perfectly, a platform bed frame king weHLvzX.jpg is a great choice. Storage spaces in beds are a significant investment as they do not make you compromise between style and storage space. Besides, they allow you to maximize the floor space in your bedroom. Upgrade your guest room and master suites and choose a King platform storage bed that is to your liking.

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