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I think it would be a very good idea to have an option to delete Braking Point.


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I dont know about you guys but I dont find braking point to be something that you can keep playing for multiple times in 1 year and I doubt I will play it again. Its obvious that braking point takes up alot of space since even though Classic cars and short tracks were removed, the game is still 40 GB's larger than F1 2020 and its not because of the new tracks we have either since it was like that from the launch of the game when we didnt have Imola and Portugal, so it must be the braking point content that takes up alot of space. I think making braking point a free downloadable DLC on Steam, instead of having it come with the game itself and making it uninstallable is a very good idea cause 40 GBs is alot of space and its also the reason that we dont have Classic cars and Short Tracks in the game. It would be even better if we could additionaly download Classic cars and Short Tracks too as a free DLC but thats just a bonus, I really hope we get an option to delete braking point because it takes up far too much space for no reason at all after I played it for the first time. Let me know what you guys think about this and if you agree or disagree.

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