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[Xbox] Fox Racing League

AMG Speedz

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Fox Racing League (Xbox) is looking for some more drivers.

The league offers a very friendly and welcoming environment, while also aiming to be professional and highly competitive on the track.

We welcome all drivers and skill levels (you have to start somewhere), however you are expected to race clean and want to improve.

However, for those who want some help improving or instruction on racing etiquette before getting on track, we're happy to help.

Once you're on the server you are required to complete a registration form to give the admins information which is needed for the race sheets.

When do we race? Well, we race on a Saturday at 8:00pm BST / GMT start time, with full qualifying and 50% race distance.

First Official race will be announced within the discord server when the grid is pretty much filled.

If you wish to join the league then please join our discord using the link below, and the admins will get you sorted ready for the new season!



Racing not your thing?

If you don't want to race but you have the gift of the gab we also have Commentator positions available!
You will be given the FXR twitch details to use.
If this sounds more like you then again simply join our discord and state you're there to commentate
Thank you very much for reading this and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.


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