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Codemasters are stealing from you!!

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Every single race is against a non human player. Yes you win some but is only around 45% 

This game is sold on peer to peer racing. It is not. If you have spent money to improve you car and you race against a bot Codemasters are stealing from you!! It’s theft. Its not what you signed up for.  Pure and simple theft and the more people that say it the better.

You know it’s rigged for the following 

There is Zero consistency

You race the same names over and over

You can lose over 3 seconds in one single straight

The win streak counter does not work correctly 

Your win ratio is fixed, trust me I’ve counted win and loses and done the math

Race the same tracks over and over Baku Monaco and Abu Dhabi 

AI cars pass you doing over 250mph

If you win by a decent margin the car you were racing against has its time posted the second you finish that can’t be as they won’t of finished for sometimes up to 10 sec after you. 

When did someone last give you a tail wag at the end?

It a disgrace. 

Ive had email communication with codemasters and every reply is auto generated. 

The previous version was better by a mile Codemasters you are a bunch of good for nothing thieves. ******** 

FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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