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Nürburgring? + Podium Pass 7?


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Dear devs,

I know that F1 2020 is technically an outdated game, but there is something I do like to suggest so that the game can see a proper final sprint like the final lap of a race.

The first thing, which could be problematic, is adding a 7th Podium Pass. However, it doesn't even need to be a completely new one. Something I saw recently in Forza Horizon 4 (a different racing game) was a mix of old championships, events and rewards. For F1, what you could do, along the course of 6 passes, there were over 180 rewards, so you could create 50 tiers of rewards from the previous passes for the free and VIP section and insert them in the game as Podium Pass 7, which would be good, since most people might've started to play F1 2020 after Podium Pass 6 released, so they won't have as much content as those who played since last year.

The second thing is something for Career and GP Mode, and that is adding an optional track for Career Season 2+. In F1 2021, once you reach the second season in Career, you can put China into the calendar if you sacrifice one other track. For this game, I would LOVE to see the Nürburgring, since it's my favorite race track of all time, and the real F1 was on that track as well. It could be a track for the European GP which is played after Monaco, but before Hungary, dunno where it could fit. Also, when in any F1 Game since 2013 did we have the Nürburgring? I would love to see these modern cars race over the race track in the beautiful Eifel.

If anyone at Codemasters reads this, I don't know if any of you read this or if you already buried the game, but this would make a fine final addition to the game, the last game of a great series before the successor killed an enjoyable franchise (Thank EA for that). Also, it could bring many F1 fans back to this enjoyable game, including me.

If you won't do it, so be it, but F1 2021 is still broken like crazy, and still has overpowered AI, so it's still no game I enjoy. If you should do it, I'd be hugely delighted, since I'm from Germany, and as stated before, I love the Nürburgring. 🙂

Let's hope for the best, and thank you.

- Nico

PS: I will enclose a track layout of the Nürburgring, and let's be real - it's the perfect stage for Formula 1. 😉


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