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6 th 7th and 8th races

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6 and 7 Both against Tim

1st one Abu Dahbi again Qually 

Lost by 1 sec hard to tell if fake

2nd race with Tim at Monaco Qually brake fail for me at first corner get a dnf has that happened to you  

Hard to tell if either  of these was fake but I do seem to crash at the first corner in Monaco a lot when I think I have braked early. Its very suspect to race against the same name twice in a row. There is a lot of people play this game. Hard to see how this can happen so regular.

8th race

Abu Dhabi again against patouch Qually race

me merc best 1:28:32 him custom best 1:29:45

i win by 10 seconds his time is posted with mine can’t  happen it should of pended for 10 seconds. Clearly fake

so over all after 8 races I reckon for deffo 5 of 8 were fake races the others suspect. Let’s hope this is happening because I’m at top of leauge 1 and codemasters are putting out fake races until there are enough players to start a proper pro league my pro league is show in 73% what does yours show  




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Ok wow, you put in a lot of effort to prove your point. 😆

But I agree that duel mode currently totally sucks and at least half of all duels are against AI cars with very unrealistic lap times (either very slow or extremely fast). I’m also in league 1 and hopefully we will get back to something similar in the Pro League as it was in the elite leagues in the 2020 version. That was actually fun, but now I’m also fed up with this cr^p in the 2021 version. 

And also the car configuration has become very boring. It will take ages before you will reach chassis level 6 or (how will somebody ever reach it) level 9. Only option IMO is to spend a lot of money, or wait forever to reach level 9, but around that time you’re 2021 car will become obsolete (I read in the terms of conditions). But we need the extra slots to be creative with the setup. Right now there’s little to choose from, since you’re forced to pick parts in every category (power, aero, etc.) which leaves little options to combine something else without making the car slower. 

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