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8BIT Motorsport are recruiting now!

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8BIT Motorsport are calling all CLEAN  Xbox racers.  Come join our club where we “Race clean and Race fast”.  Our aim is to compete as one of the top clubs in multiple disciplines (Touring, Open Wheel, Tuner and Street) in the Grid Autosport game. And provide a friendly, competitive environment where members can jump in to a clean race at any time.


We will also be organising events for 8BIT Motorsport members only, where we race against each other for fun and bragging rights.  On our forum we will be hosting a Touring Car Championship and F3 Championship in mid-July, along with other various weekly Cup events and Time Trials coming soon.

Please visit our forum to sign up:  http://www.8bitmotorsport.com/


Here at 8BIT Motorsport we have a lot of fun playing our favourite games, whilst racing clean and fast, always striving to be better, and we are always looking for friendly, fast people to come join us.  If this sounds like something for you then please head over to our forum, and we will see you all on the GRID!

8BIT Motorsport, Low Definition, High Speed

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I'm interested in joining the racing leagues and events as i'm a good clean and fast driver, but I have my own club to attend to. Is there any way I can race? I was recommended to come here by somebody called Thysen if that helps.

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