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[PC] 1.13 Patch - No Force Feedback on Logitech G923


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Hi, just updated to 1.13 and I suddenly have no FFB on the Logitech G923. I was playing the game just before 10AM GMT and my FFB was working completely fine and just tried on a few other games to make sure it wasn't my wheel. It appears 1.13 has broken my force feedback or maybe broken force feedback on the G923 altogether? My friend has the G29 and FFB is working absolutely fine, does anyone else have this issue with the G923? Thanks.
Platform: PC
Game-mode: Every game mode
Troubleshooting: Re-installing game, re installing Logitech G-HUB (not related to this as it works on every other game and was working several hours before the update)
How to make problem happen: Drive in F1 2021 with the Logitech G923

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  • BradH63 changed the title to [PC] 1.13 Patch - No Force Feedback on Logitech G923
2 minutes ago, TodayTommie said:

I have the exact same issue and it is really ******* me off, knowing Codies they'd only fix it in like 1356 weeks meaning I can't league race anymore.

Codemasters please hotfix this!

Same, my league starts on Saturday evening, looks like I won't be able to race as it'll most likely be a few weeks until they release a hotfix.

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20 minutes ago, TMIllo said:

Same. Anyone got a workaround while waiting for a fix? Racing Canada tonight in a league and the wall of champions with no FFB is not fun

If you read just above, Krat96 mentioned something but I have not tried it. It's a real shame, I can't race without force feedback and I've been waiting all day for a hotfix, but it could even be a few days before we get a hotfix.

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Exact same issue is mentioned before. As soon as F1 2021 starts the centering force of the wheel is gone and the FFB remains dead while playing the game. The wheel itself works perfectly fine. Steam forums are full with it asswell.

I also have this isue that you have to kill the executable when the wheel is plugged in. I see this bug is around for quite some time.... please fix both issues.

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