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[PC] 1.13 Patch - No Force Feedback on Logitech G923

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1 hour ago, L1ghtOut said:

"FIRMWARE VERSION: G923: 138.0.34 Firmware is up to date"

As per this post I edited ages ago, you do not have the latest G923 firmware

And @BarryBL seeing as I no longer have edit permissions the Thrustmaster driver link should be updated to 


Edited by steviejay69
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@BarryBLits working for me and other friends too, so thank you for the hotfix, we really appreciate you pushing the team to fix this asap.

I apologize for our behavior but I think you understand that by paying such a high price on this game, all gamers had really big expectations and had a lot of disappointments along the way.

Hope the game just gets better so as u guys note this for the upcoming title in order to prevent current/old bugs from happening in the future.



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2 hours ago, wolfallein said:

@BarryBL Thank you for the update. It is working well😀

The Logitech G923 has a feature called TrueForce. It uses the sound to improve the Force feedback, and it really works well.

Would TrueForce be supported in the game? There are plans to support it?

Thank you!

Trueforce is not listed as supported in F1 2021. Neither Codemasters nor Logitech have announced plans for support.

Trueforce is listed as compatible with the following titles;

Project Cars 3, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista 2, GRID (2019), iRacing, Monster Truck Championship, and Snowrunner.

G923 will be supported as G29 / G920 functionality in F1 (2015-2021) titles.

Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE Sim Racing Wheel - UK

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5 hours ago, BarryBL said:

@Budellolello are you running a VPN or a firewall that could be blocking the download at all? May be worth checking that, or if you are running any modifications to the game.

@BerryBL Hi ok now I have installed and restarted and checked the files. I started the game and still nothing

I uninstalled the game and reinstalled. I deleted the logitech drives and rebooted. Re-installed both the game with the beta and with the logitech drives, the force feedback is still absent. 

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I have installed the patch and happy to say FFB is working so thank you @BarryBL. Anyone who used the workaround don't forget to change the wheel name back to G923 in registry editor.

I do have one issue in multiplayer races where the game will freeze with me on the spot and the race will go on by with me frozen until it corrects itself :o

Prior to this my game would crash completely in those moments but I underclocked and that seems to stop it from crashing all together.

Could it be something with my system and are there any steps I can take to stop or at least reduce the severity of the freezes?

I am running i7 7700k, 32GB high speed RAM and a 1080Ti. I have tried reducing the graphics which didn't change anything and my system should be able to handle it just fine anyway. 

Is the error report the code at the bottom left of the screen when you pause? I can make a new thread if you wish once I have obtained an error code. Thanks.

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