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New update thoughts..

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Finally career mode. And 3 lap races instead of 1. So much better.

Looks like they reduced the graphics a little for smoother gameplay. Works. In car view is a little harder, lower in the seat. More realistic. Except at Silverstone. The Esses and THAT glare! Impossible to see. It’s all guess work for me. I can’t even see the green racing line aid. Reduce it a little and it will be ok. 

Career mode is great. But after trying a few different teams, perhaps it’s too easy? In a standard Haas, I’m a top 5 car. Too easy. I won in a Williams beating Hamilton. Perhaps if you compete well, and over time can build your car, sure, why not. But not initially.

The AI are now perhaps TOO benign at racing haha. I can hold my line in a slower car. But I guess it’s better then being too aggressive. Having the field spread out is better too, rather then 19 cars fly past after 1 lap. Feels more realistic. 

Engine wear is a great idea. I’d change it to perhaps starting at 500 credits when it’s fresh. Then as it wears more, it gets cheaper to repair / upgrade it to a fresh engine. It’s too easy to spend a few credits and keep it fresh every quali and ra e session. 
if you wanted to save some credits, then you’ll have to live with a degrading engine. Seems a little more realistic that way. 

What’s everyone else’s thoughts on the upgrade? I haven’t done much with the regular league, duel mode yet. As someone said, perhos not enough have moved up to have many pvp games. Although I’m over getting smashed into from the start to care for that anymore. 

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You won’t need expert mode in the Merc or RB to win races. My Alpha Romea with no updates is enough. Haha. 
if like to see the AI a little stronger perhaps or their skill levels adjusted.


love the new engine damage. And also stops you ramming everyone out of the way. Try that and you’re at 100% engine wear and have the speed of a F3. Lol. I love it. Means more clean overtakes required. 

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