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[Xbox one/series x] Can't install upgrade needed to start F12021. Error 0x8b050033


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2 hours ago, KevinC1987 said:

Yes it worked for me. Make sure you are selecting the standard edition when downloading the trial as I don’t think it shows against the higher edition

I did it wrong I think I’m currently downloading the trail I didn’t realise you have to click on the full game before it came up with the trail option 

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Anyone new to f1 2021 follow the steps that everyone is say it works 

and Codemasters , EA I think you need to start upping  your game this year as been sloppy I’ve seen nothing on Facebook or Twitter about this 

only by chance I’ve looked on the forum room to find a solution like this 

you need to do a update for the Xbox series x and (ps5 if they are having the same issue ) if not your going to lose money as people will just trade the game in  

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@BarryBL I can confirm I have having the exact same issue


i purchased the game from the Microsoft online store and originally installed it on my Xbox one, I have got a new series x in the past few weeks and I am unable to play now, I am having the same issue as above my Xbox is fully updated and yet it won’t let me download this upgraded version that it quotes on f1 2021


This is the exact same issue as mentioned above! Has there been anymore luck with this ? 

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