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An F1 game to dream about...

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First of all, I know this has nothing to do with F1 2021, but I want to bring this up to hear other people's opinions on it.

Many people say that F1 2021 is awful, and that's because it is. And you know what they do? They make up an F1 title in their mind, a game they dream about, and that's what I do.

My dream F1 title has the following things:

  • V10 powered cars
  • F1 2020's handling, with the cars being way faster than in said game (230+ mph in Monza tbp)
  • Nürburgring, Hanoi and Jeddah in the race calendar
  • Melbourne as Round 1
  • All drivers from the 2020 season
  • Red flags that trigger when either a huge pileup has formed or a crash involving 3 or more cars occurs
  • BMW joins forces with Williams, like in the early 2000s
  • Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari and BMW as engine suppliers in My Team
  • 3 upgrade stages for all obtainable upgrades in Career Mode
  • The My Team vehicle is the best car if max upgraded
  • Opportunity to import custom liveries, suits, badges, etc. via website to the game.
  • Complex engineer radio like in F1 2015
  • AI challenge like in F1 2020 (challenging, though not unbeatable)
  • "MLP Equestria Girls DLC" with 7 characters, suits, liveries and victory radio calls

As stated before, it's just make believe and will most likely never happen (I'd rather beat 110 AI in Zandvoort, with wing cam, without assists, with a Haas, in F1 2021), but it's a dream made up in my mind.

What would your F1 game be like in your dreams? Let me know as a reply. 🙂

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My dream would be the dream off dreams.


A game Which every feature was properly thought out and implemented.  And then tested by someone with extreme ocd.  If issues arise that are unable to be properly  fixed... then feature is removed.  No lazy that’ll do attitude or Using scripts or cheats to hide.

But I know I’ve got more chance off owning a real f1 team

British car industry in the midlands  collapsed because off a That will do attitude. Where is Codemasters based? 

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