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ABS too strong

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I've been playing F1 games for nearly 6 years now. Ive been a league racer for some time and never played any of the F1 games using assists. I never had an issue with people using ABS since it was always only fractionally quicker and I could live with that. This game for a change its the first time where you can clearly see that ABS is round about 2/10s faster on a hotlap. it varies between around a tenth to well over 2/10s on tracks like Bahrain, Portugal and Zandvoort, where ABS is just op and some corners are impossible to take as fast without that assist than using it. 

you can measure it yourself very easily going into TT and test out how much quicker you can actually be using ABS. sometimes its shocking how much time it gains you. Bahrain Turn 10 for example you gain almost a tenth easily because you dont lock up your tire whilst its almost IMPOSSIBLE to not lock your front left without ABS and you run wide into the corner and not just lose apex speed, but also on the entire straight afterwards. 
Of course ABS is quicker and will always be quicker, thats the point of ABS, so you dont have tire locking which obviously means you dont lose time in corners= makes sense. But the game should be scripted in a way that you can somehow regain the time without ABS by different breakign styles or overall different breaking performance. Its very frustrating racing a car with ABS around those tracks, because you just know in those corners they have the advantage of being able to break later and never lock their tires whilst it already is a HUGE win for no ABS users if they dont lock up in some of those corners, because like i said: its almost impossible. 

Another thing thats annoying ofc is the tire temps: using ABS can help you massively on some tracks in keeping temps under control and overal deg of tire. I dont think this is too big of an issue because tests have shown the difference is only relevant when you pretty much drive off the tires until the very end but it still shouldnt be that way. 
TBF all assists make you slower, which is good. assits should never be rewarded. But then also ABS should be slower and not faster. It also causes massive disruptance in some leagues or the highest tiers in leagues because if it gets allowed, ALL people will have to use it since you are gonna be out of the fight if you dont. 


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That's 100% a lie. I remember a tip from a game called Forza 6, where a tip said: "Using ABS, you can turn while braking. However, this increases your braking distance."

I also know from experience in Codemasters's previous titles like F1 2020 that ABS works better than no ABS, but I think it's the setup that increases the effectiveness further. So while a standard preset plus ABS is clearly slower, a good setup tinkerer can utilize a pinpoint perfect setup to use ABS to their advantage.

I don't know if you tinker around with your setups or if you play with controller or wheel, but if you run presets it sure is faster if you don't use ABS, even in F1 2021. But I think it is safe to say that wheel drivers are better with no ABS, because they can dose the brake more, unlike right-hand persons like me who run on a controller.

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