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My Team vs Career: Is one better?

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Since My Team came out, that was all I ever played. With My Team plagued by idiotic driver transfers in the mid season I became less enamoured. So, I decided to start a career (currently in F2). I was just wondering how other people judge them? Is one better in your opinion? Why?

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Neither.  Driver career will be just as messed up with respect to transfers.  Although now you can turn them off at least.  But what fun is playing 10 seasons when ever driver/team stays the same? 

I prefer My Team, simply because you have a bit more control of things.  It's basically the same mode though you just have to ask yourself do you want to drive for a real F1 team, or your own?   If you drive for your own (my team) you get to upgrade facilities and hire a team mate and sign sponsors to make money to upgrade your facilities.  Other than that, it's the exact same thing.  Usually after 3-4 years your My Team is maxed out anyways, so whats the point in playin 10 years?   Both modes are great, for 3 seasons or so max, after that they become stale and pointless due to the lack of effort building the modes from Codies.

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My Team is definetly the far better mode. And considering you can set up so many things, it's just as easy as in the previous game to build a car that can destroy all other teams with ease. It will not be the overall best if max upgraded, so keep that in mind.

I actually don't like Driver Career that much. I mean, sure, you can become a part of the official F1 Elite and drive alongside drivers like Giovinazzi, Alonso, Leclerc or Hamilton, but the main reason why I don't like Driver Career is that resource points are very limited compared to the cost of upgrades, and if those upgrades fail, it's even more a pain in the neck, especially if your teammate brings in only like 200 points per Practice.

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