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Podium Pass sponsors to be added to MyTeam

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So in F1 2021 we get new sponsor decals for our cars with the Podium Pass / Item shop which is good thing. But on the other side these decals doesn't really have any other roles than just being a cosmetical item in the game. Therefore I think these sponsors should've been added to MyTeam mode. MyTeam got a bit boring for me as the sponsor goals of the sponsors are exactly the same.

Here are all the sponsors of F1 2021 that are available with Podium Pass/Item Shop but unused in MyTeam:

  1. Carbonis
  2. Savabour
  3. Concordia
  4. Spation
  5. Ralentizado
  6. Wranhawk
  7. Vipera
  8. Exotiger
  9. Scaliaro
  10. Amaldi
  11. Rokk
  12. TechPace
  13. Zenamino
  14. Zimuth
  15. Kabman
  16. Cebra
  17. Torce
  18. Icons 21


These sponsors would get new goal objectives such as:

  • Earn a double points finish. (Secondary Sponsor Objective)
  • Earn a double top 5 or a double podium finish (Secondary Sponsor Objective)
  • As a team qualify in the top 15 / 10 / 5 / 3 (Secondary Sponsor Objective)
  • As a team complete x laps in the race (Secondary Sponsor Objective)
  • Earn 3 / 5 / 10 double podium finishes in a season as a team (Primary Sponsor Objective)
  • Earn 3 / 5 / 10 wins in a season as a team (Primary Sponsor Objective)
  • Win both the drivers and constructors championship (Primary Sponsor Objective)
  • Earn an optimal result in a practice programme (Secondary Sponsor Objective)


What is more. The secondary sponsor amount would've been increased from the maximum 4 to 6 but with this the income and goal bonuses would've been reduced (or the upgrade prices to be increased). 


To sum things up: this update would make the MyTeam game more more exciting and entertaining and people wouldn't quit playing this gamemode after 2 seasons.

F1 2021 Unused sponsors for MyTeam idea.pdf

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54 minutes ago, NicoTheJoker said:

Yes, so many amazing decals, so much available potential, so many ways to add content, but Codies will never get to do it.

Why? Because EA says 'No'.

You've just completely made that last part up. There is no reason to think this is the case.

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