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Incorrect Decals on My Team Vehicle during Replay

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This is just a minor ordeal, but I hope Codies will take a note of this.

You see, every time I finish a race and view the Highlight Reel, the My Team car has a lot of duplicates from sponsors, while others are completely missing.

For example - I put decals on the car in the following positions:

  • Primary: Positions 1, 6, and 10
  • Secondary 1: Positions 2 and 7
  • Secondary 2: Positions 3 and 8
  • Secondary 3: Positions 4 and 11
  • Secondary 4: Positions 5 and 9

And most of the time, the My Team car shows no signs of the 3rd and 4th secondary sponsor anyhow, making the car look like it has such few sponsors like a rookie team like Haas. I hope this gets fixed soon, along with the blurry character image/team suit, but all I can do is wait. In the meantime, I'll continue racing.

For the Record: NOWHERE in F1 2020, a pure Codemasters title, did this problem exist, proving further that EA killed the franchise with their unbelieveable greed for money. Sorry, but it's a fact.

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Sorry to disappoint you, but I never had that in F1 2020. I can only figure that you played a highlight reel from the theatre menu, then I can figure that what you described happened.

And trust me, I know that from experience. 😊

Codies fixed the problem, though, so no need to worry.

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