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A Monaco Setup that works! (For me at least)

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Hello, fellow racers.

If anyone still has problems with Monaco, do not worry. I have found a way to get through the track way easier and faster.

I tested the setup in three ways: I first tested it with a Red Bull (EQ Performance) in Time Trial, then I tested it with an Alpine (Real Performance) in GP Mode, and now I recently tested it with a maxxxed My Team Car.

Unfortunately, it does not change the fact that the AI remains overpowered like crazy, and even more infuriating is the fact that EA will never address and fix this problem.

But, I'm not here for that today. I want to give you a setup which can help you navigate the streets of Monaco easier. And here's how.

Aerodynamics - I went with an 8-11 setting. The downforce loaded on the rear wing helps with rear end stability in these slow turns, and the front wing setting gives a good turning response with this particular setup. But, any higher on the front, and the increased responsiveness results in you losing the rear end within a split second of turning in.

Transmission - Now this is interesting, because I decided to try something from F1 2020, and that is using 50% for the on-throttle and 65% for the off-throttle. The low on setting gives you more traction out of slow turns and helps with tire wear, whereas the increased off setting gives your car more rotation, which especially helps with Turn 6, the Loews U Turn.

Susp. Geometry - I run -2.50° on the front camber -1.50° on the rear camber. This in turn helps a bit with stability further. For Toe, I run the minimum values on both sides, since this also aids stability and tire wear.

Suspension - This pretty much depends on personal preference and on the way you feel safe during the race, but here's what works for me. A fairly soft suspension setting of 1-2 allows you to cut a lot of these curbs with ease, and it also eliminates any unnecessary over- or understeer. An 8-5 setting for the anti-roll bars was what works best for me as it keeps the front from swaying too much, allowing for further cornering traction. And finally, a ride height setting of 3-7 also helps with the curbs and also prevents the car from loading too much weight to the rear end, which results in more stability overall.

Brakes - I have decided to go with a favorite from F1 2020, a brake pressure of 100%, as well as a brake bias of 50% to reduce the chance of front lockups, for people not running ABS. Also, it allows you to get through a tough turn way faster if you get it right. Since I normally run ABS, a setting like that helps in most circumstances.

Tires - Now for the fun part. Even with EA's terrible driving physics, it's still safe to run the minimum tire pressure values, 21.0 on the fronts and 19.5 on the rears, without trouble. This also keeps your tires cooler, reducing tire wear, and gives additional traction, allowing for quicker cornering. This is also viable in F1 2020.

If you test the setup out, be advised that it isn't perfect. Not only do I run this on a controller on Xbox One, but once you get to the turn in the tunnel, don't take it too offensively (e.g. with Overtake Mode), or it may result in slight oversteer, most likely forcing you into the wall, resulting in a DNF. Also, I usually run the AI on 60, which is Hard Difficulty, and even with this setup, I need to push throughout the race to even stand a chance. It's the very first setup I made myself with a lot of experimenting, but if there is a way to improve the setup overall, give me a response and I'll try it. 😉

Anyways, I hope it works for you too, and I bid you good luck in Monaco!

- Nico

PS: Please don't give me links to a site which supposedly has good setups. I tried them out and they just do not work. I remember testing out a Monaco and Zandvoort setup, and none of the two worked.

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Will give this a try. I play on 100 for basically every other track but when I get to Monaco I’ve played it as low as 70 and I’m still dead last and being lapped. 😂

Just have no ability to push at all, regardless of the set up to this point. I destroy the tyres way too easily and have to back off massively to do a somewhat reasonable stint length.

EDIT: Tried this. Knocked around 2.5 seconds off my times. Thank you NicoTheJoker

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