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Black lines around screen every time i start the game on PC!

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Same happens in Grid 2 and Dirt 3 but not in Dirt 2 and in formula 2013 which are codemaster games too .. I have thought maybe is something about resolution of my screen because i have scale up it to cover the whole panel.... 
Luckyly i found the soluition changing the video settings and turning on (if it is off) and the opposite the Vsync ..Once i do this all screen is covered and game works normal ....If i try to minimize on windows with alt+enter , when i try to enter again in the game i need to do the same cause the black lines are appeared again ..:( Exactly the same any time i close and i need to open game again , i have to go to video option to turn Vsync on or off (once you change it once whatever times you change it then the screen remains in the right size ....) its weird ! :-??
No big problem but i just lose some time to go anytime i open game in option to change this , same happen for game i refered above..
Any idea? @-)  :-B

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