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F1 2021 Co Op Carreer Mode - New component wore just after a few laps


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  • A detailed description of the issue.

             I had my control electronics changed for Spa at FP1. For FP2 I changed it back for the old one, so i won't wear it. Before FP3, I went to change back to the new control electronics just to see it had wear (16 laps / 72%!!). I got the 10 grid place penalty for it, and it is almost ready to be changed again.

  • Report Code


  • Platform?


  • Game-mode?

             Cooperative Career

  • [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here.

             2 players (2 player career)

  • [ONLINE] Were you the host?


  • [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard.

             Motherboard: Z390 AORUS ULTRA

             (DXDiag attached)

  • What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried.

             Exited the session and reconnected

  • Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. 


  • How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible.

             I got a new CE for FP1 (using the + button), used it for 16 laps, switched back to the 2nd CE for FP2. In FP2 I had to reconnect to the session because the game crashed, after finishing FP2, my new CE was at 72% wear.


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