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F1 2014 PS3 parc fermé tyre change option


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Hoping with 2015 out you haven't just left us 2014 out? I have a new issue that has not happened before, parc fermé can be a pain in general being that it auto changes to on if you quick start the career from the menu (rather than go through the challenge/season/career menu) but playing maybe my 4th or 5th season in career and playing as Mercedes I can no longer choose the tyres to start the race with, always check parc fermé in options but there seems to be no difference. Not sure if its a bug from multiple switching to and from or a general thing linked to Merc or Professional difficulty which I am now trying out (not well in wet but dry is good, in fact I can do Expert in dry but the AI apparently seem unaffected by wet weather and can just race perfectly, not so fun).

So just to clarify parc fermé option not affecting change tyre rule in race day option in career for Mercedes. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated thanks. And maybe a patch or option that can cool off the wet weather race ability..
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