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F1 2015 Steering difficulties


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I'm running the same equipment as last year.  A Xeon processer, Nvidia 970, 16 gig ram, and a Thrustmaster T.16000 Stick.  The only change is that I upgraded to Win 10, 64, Pro.  In last year's game I was able to easily setup my steering so that my RedBull ran around the tracks smooth as silk...no jumping, flinching, or oversteer when coming back to a straight from a turn in any direction.

This year however, and with everything being equal, I cannot seem to find a combination of steering linearity, saturation and dead space that provides me with anything near to how great the steering was before!

Is anyone else seeing this problem?  Have you been able to solve it?  Any ideas or comments welcome EXCEPT to get a good Wheel!  Can't afford one! 
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