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GRID Autosport Custom Liveries, Mods & Tools, Discussion etc


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Made a GRID AS compilation featuring a lot of you livieries rallygamer, maybe you guys wanna check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn_J-M68TOc&feature=youtu.be

Thanks for your great work  :)

awesome video, well done puluminati, i am glad you like my work. 

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I dont know if this is the right place but here I go...

It would be nice to be able to manage complete team livery on racenet, I mean with sponsors choices etc.

So when your level 192 is jammed with a save game corruption (for example) you still can pick level 190 sponsors logo for your buddies in the team.

I'm the leader of  RS Motor Club and had to deal twice with the save game bug,  geting back to level 1 sponsors choices every time.

Being able to do the complete livery on web site should be a good turn around on this kind of problem.

Not to mention it could give a good idea to the rest of the world of what our cars look like If you match the car picture in teams pages with selections done. :)


Zalex / ZalexQc, level 60+ (Stuck with save corruption)

GTQC-Zalex / GTQCZalex, level 91 (Stuck with save corruption)

Alain-Alexandre / AlainAlexandre, level 45 (ok... For now !)

President of RS Motor Club, clean racers with Racing Sims Gears

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Nissan S13 240SX drift MARTINI livery 






Extract to cars/models/240/livery_02/textures_high or rename to low if you want low


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McLaren P1 Black Edition

Things i changed:
- new body color (black)
- new wheel color (matching the black body)
- new caliper color (black) and added white mclaren logo on the caliper
- mclaren logo on bonnet in original red color
- pirelli p zero decals on tires
- new license plate

You can download the custom livery here:


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quick question, how would i change the colour of the wheels in a custom livery?  
During the race i would notice them light up briefly with the colours of the car engine. I've tried colouring the engine black to no avail.
I don't see anything wrong with the _tm_ file either. Could it be related to the specular.tga?

I've got a feeling we cannot access the files needed to browse since its DLC, aka a .nefs file :/ 

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