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One major complaint about the tracks...

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To all the people suggesting passing them:
What about XP for those races? What about general season ranking? To progress trought the game you need those things! Thats why we are asking for an option. So we can still get all the Xp, races, and be happy with 1st place in a championship without having to run the content we don't enjoy. 

And I am now even that against reversed (althou Mount Panorama in reverse... This is my favourite track, I don't want to run it wrong way around. It feels wrong). I simply don't like people with the altitude: "If you don't like it than GTFO". We are asking for an option, not taking anything out of your enjoyment, and you are telling us to give up on an important part of the game. (getting good results in the chempionships, and progressing in the career mode)
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Loore said:
Loore said:
It's coming in a free update.

"Game development often hits unexpected problems despite immovable deadlines. For GRID Autosport we reached a significant technical stumbling block with the leaderboards in Time Trial, and had to pull it from the launch version of the game. Don’t worry though (pitchforks back in the shed please!) we’ll be re-instating it as soon as we are able after launch via a free update.

We know how important Time Trial is to you and we share the same sentiment, it’s incredibly important to us too which is why as you read this we’re already hard at work preparing it for arrival. Expect updates on that soon after launch."

It's coming, but it wasn't quite in a ready enough state to launch. We're giving it some extra love and care.
So does that apply to the track leaderboards also ??
I'l have the full info on Time Trial soon, but yes, track specific leaderboards are there.
Thanks, Loore . . .

Fantastic game, for me, and many others, you have come up trumps, and the only detractors I can see have the usual subjective complaints which could be shifted into any forum . .

I think many are basing this on a new game and missing the whole point, one based in the history of 6 years ago when the gridders first appeared . . .we have waited a long time for Grid Autosport, and for most of us it delivers what we have been after.

Time Trial, streaming text chat, spectate available when we join a lobby and not just if we joined the session from the start, would do very nicely to keep this party going . . 
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Loore said:
DjFIL said:
Interesting that this is almost 50/50 in response.  I think it's a lazy way to add extra content, and some of the reverses are worse than others.  I do wish there was an option to opt out of the events in career mode (set them back to their normal direction)... but it's not.
Lazy is a harsh word and a bit unfair, our level designers worked flat out to get you all those locations, the majority of which we were told we "had to have them".

I don't think we've ever unfairly promoted the game for having more content than it does. We've always said 22 locations with over 100 routes. Then when we revealed the full track list we detailed those routes, reversed included.

It's an interesting discussion though so will be watching this thread to see how it pans out.
You told us we would have Time Trial, Loore, and it isn't there ?????
Way to be on top of this question @loore.
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