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In sprint races this already seemed better lately. Qualifying was also already less absurd, so no 15 sec leads anymore at the finish. Curious about grid starts though, but had a few reasonable ones yesterday so will try again tonight. I’m at a 10 winning streak now after yesterday evening (haven’t had that in a long time), so you might be right!

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Raced like 25 races or something just now. My conclusion is that it’s become better for sure. First of all more players that feel like real humans, so that makes it feel more even for those races. Qualifying I still get a few absurd wins with more than 10 secs ahead, so that’s boring, almost no losses in qualifying. Sprint seems the best type of race, no big wins or losses mostly I believe. Grid start goes up and down. Better than before for sure, but I still got two of them (out of 8 or 10 grid starts I think) where I really was without any chance after the first 300 meters. Finishing with 10 secs behind at the finish line and all other cars passing by like I stood still. Very surprisingly these two races of course happened when I was at a very nice winning streak (12 and 5). 🤨

So generally I’d say it’s better, but still nowhere near perfect. And most races are still fake ones (although maybe more real opponents than before), which is a shame. 

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Same here....qualifying and sprintrace are inproving but can be better!! Gridstarts are on some tracks better but AI cars are still hard too beat!!!

Today after about 25 races the Gridstarts are terrible, AI cars are again very agressive and fast. This is ****ck!!

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