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Still all messed up

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Take a look at shots below 

How is this guy on a 20 race win streak with a win ratio of 0.85 but only has a lap time of 1:47 around spa compared to my 1:40. 
How can he be in pro league with a lap time like that. I love this game but it’s so badly rigged by codemasters it’s a joke. In the seconds shot (same race check the names) I’m nearly 10 seconds a head 34 sec in to the lap. I’m also getting past by an Alfa. I’ve just gone in to 8th doing 199 mph and an Alfa is passing me.  No no no no no 



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It would all make no sense if it were real human players, but this is one of the many proofs that duel mode is a total scam. Very disappointing compared to F1 2020. 

To illustrate, a similar example in the attachment. Win streak of 31 with a PB of 1:29:xx on Monza, just impossible. You would lose virtually every race in Pro League if that’s the best you can do on Monza. I beat this AI opponent with 20 seconds in this qualifying race. So his time was actually something like 1:40:xx (I drove a PB in this race after chassis upgrade to level 6). Insanely slow for somebody with a 31 streak. 🤣


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I’ve just had a race with one of these really high win ratios and high win streaks. Sprint race at Silverstone. I followed and drove alongside for the whole lap. At no point did the opponent try to knock me off. I nicked it at the end the total lap time was 2:14:23. What a load of 💩

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