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Fuel Mixture Settings

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G'Day, I'm currently in My Team playing a Full Season (100% Practice, Qualy, & Race). Unlike many others here who have been running out of fuel during races, on most occassions I end up finishing with 5-laps of fuel to spare.

In F1-2020 I could select a fuel mixture (Lean / Standard / Rich) during a race, but for F1-2021 I cannot. I can occassionally select "Lean" during a Safety Car period, but when the race re-commences my Fuel Mixture remains "locked" on the Standard mixture.

Did the (Fuel Mixture) Rules during a race change for 2021, ...do I have to unlock more (Engine) Upgrades to get access to Fuel Mixture Selection, ...or is this a Glitch?

Any assistance is appreciated.  Cheers 🙂 

Fuel Mixture.JPG

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As intended. Since mid-2020 season, F1 Teams cannot change engine settings as much, including fuel mixtures - so in this year's game, you can only use Lean now sometimes (whenever you want in Practice, on out-lap in Qualifying and during SC/VSC in races).

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