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Can't rank up

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I feel like you rank up way too slow in this game

I've been playing since the game came out and the rank i got handed after my initial races was silver 2 because i only got through the 1st corner TWICE out of all the races is did, all started on pole every race i finished was P1.

Last month i decides to try to get my rank up to what it was in F1 2020. (2800 Master) and after 38 wins, 58 podiums and 66 races completed i'm still only silver 3. 

I'm keeping my safety rating at D on purpose because i'm not searching for a game for half an hour only to race with 1 other person for 2 races.

Is there any explanation as to why i can't rank up? It's insanely boring to be 10 seconds ahead of P2 and it ruins the fun for other people as well.

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