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Colin McRae FLAT OUT - glitch? Please help :(


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I wrote this post in support subforum, but looks like this game will never get a new patch, so... maybe you can help me to solve the problem in different way?

Few weeks ago I decided to take on the challenge to beat Flat Out addon on Very Hard difficulty (91). After losing few times in multi-stage events I discovered some strange opponents behaviours, I mean it's sometimes almost impossible to beat them. When I want to take a break between stages and than I want to resume the events the opponents times are sometimes better for 15-20 seconds than before 😞 It's annoying and frustrating because I often don't have time to beat whole event in one sitting 😞 Is there any solution for that problem? 

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Thank you for the answer, but my problem is not about losing because I don't have skill. It's all about bug in the game. You can read about it for example here:


"There is a bug with opponents timing in the stages of multiple races. If you left during the passage of the game stage, then the next time the opponents' time will increase by 20-30 seconds, which will be an unattainable time for you, and you will have to start the whole championship anew. Therefore, if you start a stage, always go to the end, or do not turn off the console at all."

and here:


"Also important is that sometimes the game will glitch out and give you unbeatable AI times to deal with - by checking in with the "correct" stage times at the link you will be able to tell if you are being affected by a glitch and restart instead of wasting time and effort."


Sadly, for me the glitch occurs always when I resume the game for example in the middle of the event.

For more specific example I was trying to beat 1993 - New Zealand Scenario and after first stage with time ~9:05 I go to next stage. I finished the race with time ~8:25, the leader had time ~8:11. After that I decided to take a break and return to the game later. When I resumed the event and restart last stage the leader had time ~7:55 (not ~8:11) without reason. And from my experience this problem occurs always when you want resume event.

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In these scenarios, I think it's best to restart a particular rally from the beginning. That flushes all the AI times and everyone starts from scratch.

Many people (who aren't esports pros) have beaten the scenarios at the highest difficulty, so any unusual times are not hard-coded into the challenges. 

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So Codemasters knows about this bug with AI?

I know it is possible to beat all scenarios (I am in half way) but as I wrote before I want to take brake between stages. Also it's not fair, because some players have no idea about this bug and gave up when they can't beat impossible AI times. For example in last scenario which I play the bug has occurred in last stage (4 stage event in New Zealand), the leader had time ~8:55 and should be 9:34 😞

I watch your YT channel, your gamepad settings helps me a lot to increase my skill in DR2.0 🙂

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