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Please just keep the communication open . There are a lot of passionate fans keen to make your game awesome. Please don't keep everything a secret and then wonder why everyone gets upset when you produce a game that doesn't include what the fans want. If you cant include something for what ever reason - like cost , time constraints etc just say so. And maybe look at adding it in later. Thanks
I like this idea myself. More transparency goes a long way with consumers. The, make the game, patch 2-3 times, then move on to next iteration attitude is off putting. This just shows, making the most money is more important than making a great F1 title. Even Mark Cuban, billionaire, says, you don't have to maximize EVERY dollar. It's also perceived arrogant and uncaring by many consumers.  

Many of us realise making games and having to deal with F1A, CVC and the FOM is troublesome to the process in making an F1 game. Just be as honest as possible without breaking agreements/contracts with said organisations.

All the below are requests based on 2015

F1 2015 is the first I've purchased since 2012. I understand new engine building affects content. But it was too light on content, imo. If possible. Create a driver any gender, like F1 Championship Edition on PS3. I'd like to see saftey car/VSC like many others. An actual picking up of the safety car and running behind it. Simulation physics options. A truer drivers perspective of an F1 weekend. Commentary is fine and well done but espn, nbcsn presentation of a race is a tv/fan perspective not a driver one. I'd like more interviews like past games. A better representative pit lane would be great also. You get the idea. I liked the email system in, Codies past f1 games, F1 CE and PCars where you're invited to try out for a team. Codies should have built more on that system. By now it would have given a small inkling of what it's like to be a driver in F1.

There are many ideas but limited time, budget and to your possible dismay, control over what can and can't be done. Which of course depends on, F1A, CVC and FOM.

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