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Help with a driver request on Racenet club please.

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yh seems a little strange, but online on the website for racenet, you have pending requests below your current members on the roster, and there is a little tick icon to accept the member request, however, one person doesn't have this so I am unable to add him. Maybe it is because he hasn't run the game once or something. But I'm pretty sure myself and my friend were able to be on the club before the game released fully so we hadn't played either. Could be a bug, I'll try again tonight, if it doesn't work ill reject the request and try again.

Racenet also seems very slow at updating...could need a lot of work I think, maybe they should of run a beta to test all this before launch day!
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Pending request no button to press Accept, only for for reject.

This happens a year ago that I stopped using Grid Autosport.   Now I am using Dirt Rally and still this same issue.  I see the same join club request but only option is pressing the Reject button.

This is supposed to be the official Forums but nobody from CM responds.  Is there any other place to ask for official assistance????
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