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Cheers! We created a Pacenote customization tool with all customized pacenotes implemented for DR2 !


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Hi guys,

We ZTMZ Club (DR fans from China) are glad to introduce a recently created pacenote customization tool, which can replace audios (any language), pacenote records (you can adjust the pacenote record timing now) for tracks in the game Dirt Rally 2.0. Please check the video https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1ku411S7vb for demonstration. Or some weird video playing in the game HUD https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1H3411e7DA 🤣

Currently the tool only contains audio packages(codriver) in Chinese, you can just create your own audio packages by creating a folder in "%userprofile%\My Games\ZTMZClub\codrivers" and then fill it with named recorded clips in any audio format that is supported by Windows Media Player. Audio file names can be found in "%userprofile%\My Games\ZTMZClub\pacenotes.csv".

Code is listed on github now: (PR and Issues are welcomed!)
The Tool: strawhatboy/ztmz_pacenote: pacenote tool (github.com) 
Pacenote: dr2_pacenote_scripts/default at master · strawhatboy/dr2_pacenote_scripts (github.com)
Download Link: https://github.com/strawhatboy/ztmz_pacenote/releases/download/v2.6.2/ZTMZClub_PacenoteTool_Installer_2.6.2.exe

Attached the screenshots of the tool, the pacenote editor, and pacenote script files.




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