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If F1 2020 better than F1 2021 for my needs?

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Hey guys we finished our league season on F1 2021 and it was good fun. We are thinking about getting F1 2020 but have some questions.

1. Is the AI any better in F1 2020? In F1 2021 we see that the AI race you when you are on a hotlap while they are on In/Out laps. They also tend to block. 

2. Can the classic cars be used in leagues or social mode? If so, can you have a full grid of classic AI drivers?

3. Are there any good “multiplayer friendly” mods for F1 2020? 

4. Are there any game breaking bugs that we would experience in multiplayer? 

Thanks guys.

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1) AI is a bit less, well, aggressive, I would say, but IIRC less issues with AI on out laps/in laps. Still good fun to race with, as long as you don't abuse them. 

2) Classic cars can be freely used in multiplayer, but not in Leagues as far as I know. You can have a full lobby of same car, or a lobby full of cars from certain tier (80-90s cars in Tier 2, 00-10s cars in Tier 1). As for AI - can't comment, haven't tried. 

3) Multiplayer friendly? What do you mean by that? 

4) Generally speaking about multiplayer, it's a lot more stable than in 2021. Sure, some bugs can happen with SC or some incorrect penalty, but generally everything works well. 


Hope the answers help a bit. 

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By the way: Can someone tell me what bugs we could expect when doing a 4 player league season in F1 21? I know that f1 21 has more bugs in multiplayer, in coop mode we had almost none. 

Now we start our yearly league season with 24 tracks. If there are some bugs, it would be good to know, just to be prepared. I read that AI now sometimes don't go off the ideal line, when they are on out/inlap and you are on a timed lap. Thats probably a bug that came up with one of the updates, because I never had problem with that before. 

In a test session we 4 had the problem, that one of us was not able to drive out from the pits (there were no options shown, which button to press for driving out), thats why he left the session and came back (no problems here). In the End of the sessions we noticed, that the timer went off for us 3. But our mate has 3 minutes left (probably the time he needed to log in again?) which he was able to use on track. The problem behind was not that he "got his time back". The Problem was that in this time happend a lot of collisions because of the AI hitting it each other, what results and some penaltys. 

Are the more bugs like this? In F1 17 I remember it was good if at least one player finishes the race otherwise the actual grid while the last DNF of a player was parted in two and swaped the places. So the first was 10th, second 11th and so one. Bugs like this I mean. 

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1. Definetly. The AI in F1 2020 is much easier overall compared to the 2021 game. To be more precise, if you have a great setup for Monaco, you can easily win with an uncompetitive My Team vehicle on Expert difficulty, whereas in 2021, even with the best setup, Expert AI wipes the floor with you on several tracks.

2. Yes, they can. For Legaues, I think you'd have to make the League private. As for the AI, yes. Just add all possible AI drivers to fill up 20 spots.

3. Save for liveries, I don't think so.

4. Haven't seen any of those myself, but I know that in 2021, if there is a Safety Car, if someone deliberately bumps into you, damaging their car, you get the penalty for it.

Trust me, F1 2020 is the far superior F1 title, and it just shows so much what Codemasters did right with that game, and how much EA did wrong with theirs. 😉

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. I have downloaded F1 2020 and we will continue with it until F1 2021's AI is fixed. Both are really good games, but we have found the AI in 2021 to be ridiculously aggressive. 

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