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Sorry if I am meant to start my own thread, but I have this issue as well.

The code redeemed fine, but it alternates between 0% and 1% four / five times and then says it can't download.

Game was purchased from local EB Games store brand new.

I have contacted XboxSupport via twitter, but in the end they said it was best to contact tech support of the developer (Codemasters)

First tried downloading the DLC approx 12hrs ago and didn't work.
Cleared system cache, rebooted console as suggested by @xboxsupport and tried again, didn't work.
Moved profile to USB stick & tried downloading DLC onto that, didn't work.
Tried numerous times to download again for another hour.

Tried this morning (New Zealand time) to download again numerous times, and still not working.
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Finally downloaded for me also but has to be the worst pre-order dlc I paid extra for.

-The 1 bonus car cost $230,000
-Even if bought you can not even test drive it unless you find that specific multiplayer lobby (mine was then written off by turn 2 on the 3rd night of waiting in a lobby)
-Premium sponsors are locked until you reach a level - even 3 weeks in and some are still locked,
     - Not that the sponsors matter because cash is useless in this game - lack of garage slots, repairs etc see other threads
-No sign of said White or 20 online liveries

I hope Codemasters follows GTAV and provides future dlc for free as a good will gesture for this balls up

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