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12/01/2022 - Account Suspended? - Please post here! Master Thread


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Il y a 1 minute, BarryBL a dit :

Veuillez lire les commentaires présentés. Problèmes connus, de notre côté, et en cours d'enquête.

J'ai aussi le même problème et je ne fait que de la carrière en duo... 

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Can all players affected please send the following to community@codemasters.com in a email:

Platform: Xbox Series s

Username/Gamertag/PSN: zc AdaroZz cz

My account has been suspended on 12/01/2022. Please investigate, thanks.

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- Description: 

Well i was in the championship wiht nineteen other players. I left the session because I realized that i Had no settings for the circuit ((Silverstone)). And once you have left the session, it loads and the:  Account suspended, Your Access to F1 online services has been suspended. Fantastic.

-Report Code: There is none

-Platform: Xbox One S

-Game-mode: Multiplayer Mode, Friendly Game

-Online:  We were tweny players in the session.

-Online: No, I was not the host of the session. 

-Troubleshooting: Reinstall the Game and  delete data drop Xbox




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I seem to experience issues daily now where i would disconnect from the lobby (Mostly during short qualifying but can be during the race as well) and have to close the game and re-open to re-join which is a pain when doing league races at least 3 x a week.

I have a solid BT fibre connection with an ethernet cat6 straight into my PS4 so i'm constantly getting a 140-150Mbps download / 20-30Mbps upload / 5-8ms ping. Not sure if its the servers or my internet.

NAT Type: Type 2

Platform: PS4 Pro

Game Mode: Online (League Racing setup by host)

Players: Between 15-20


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How is it possible to maintain the game when the servers are so blocked, that at the end of it, when people log in, their account has been suspended? You have to explain it to us. This is the first time this has happened since you got the Formula 1 license. What will the next bug be? To drive with invisible cars?

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