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12/01/2022 - Account Suspended? - Please post here! Master Thread


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Mein Konto Gesperrt 12.01.2022

Gamertag Nerzgetreide1986

Plattform Playstation4

Konto Gesperrt


Ich spiele Größten Teils nur Karriere und kann nicht mehr den Podiumspass nutzen, um zu schauen, ob da was neues gibt, was ich mir kaufen könnte mit den Coins.

Ich hätte mir gerne den nächsten Podiumspass sehr gerne gekauft, wenn ich nicht gesperrt worden wäre.


Bitte überprüfen Sie es.



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Platform : XBOX 1S

Gamer Tag : SYG I UNIQUE

Reason : UNKNOWN


          Please remove the suspension I have personally done nothing wrong I just enjoy playing the game


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5 hours ago, BarryBL said:

Will investigate, can you please provide a complete report. Also, a translation would be helpful.

i was suspended too, for nothing, when i can have my account back ? 
Platform: ps5

id: lucamarconi-mast

thank you let me know if they can fix it tomorrow

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5 hours ago, BarryBL said:

We are investigating this and I've passed onto the team. Please try to keep posts on this subject into 1 thread, thanks.

Please note that this an error on our side, and we have raised this to the team with the highest importance. Once I have a further update, I'll inform you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Can all players affected please send the following to community@codemasters.com in a email:



My account has been suspended on 12/01/2022. Please investigate, thanks.

Xbox One S. 

Padgestic/IIRL Padge



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