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Separate wheel / pedals - working now?


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Over the last few months I've held off buying the PC version of the game as I've read all the massive bugs that you can't use a separate USB wheel and pedals.  As that is my setup I didn't want to buy the game only to have to return it right away.  So the question is has this been fixed?  Can you custom assign things to the buttons/etc. that you choose?  Not only do I have a Thrustmaster TX base but the Fanatec ClubSport Elite V2 pedals and a custom dash/button box that I use in all my other racing sims, including F1 2013 that I'm playing now.  I'd love to upgrade for the more modern graphics as I have a Titan Z 12GB video card and want to let the eye candy shine.

So did they fix this yet and I can buy the game or still not (which would be embarrassingly laughable on their part)


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