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No more close races?

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Is it just me? But is there a change where you either win by 4-10 seconds or lose by the same no matter the opponents lap times. Crashes and my bad driving aside, I rarely get a good duel race. 1 in 10 seems matched well. The rest is a joke. 

This game gets weirder and weirder. 

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I notice a change since a few days. Where most grid start duels were pathetic before and almost always lost with unrealistic difference in lap times (5-10 seconds), this changed somewhat to where grid starts are hardly lost anymore unless you have a good winning streak (then you can still lose without any chance).

Sprint races the same, I almost win every sprint race now mostly with 2-3 seconds difference.

With qualifying however this has reversed. Before almost every qualifying duel was won with 5-10 seconds difference, but now it seems programmed that you lose almost every qualifying duel with a very small difference. No matter how well you drive, you can be sure you’ll lose it, unless the ‘opponent’ has a very slow personal best, but when it says your PB is not more than 1 second faster you will lose. 

I usually get more qualifying than sprint or grid start, so bye bye 0.89 win ratio. Back under 0.8 now. 

To me it looks like they are trying to change the algorithm, not with too much succes though. It got better in the sense that you won’t get outraced with 10 seconds anymore, but worse in that qualifying can hardly be won anymore. And opponents with better PB than yourself are beaten easily on sprint and grid start races. Hope they will find the right sweet spot, but I’m losing faith in a pro league where you just will race real human opponents. Why oh why is this so hard for CM to get that done?!

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Right now there is no point in playing the result of every single race is predetermined. 
If the algorithm had decided you are going to win. You can slow down to the pace of your opponent and nick the win at the end. At Silverstone this will result in a lap time of over 2mins. That is crazy. 
If the algorithm has decided you are losing a race. Either your opponent will just disappear in to the distance or the other cars will block and crash in to you. If you out brake your opponent into a corner and have the line it makes no difference  they will always come out ahead of you. The whole thing is pointless however good your car however skilled you are every single race is predetermined. 
It’s not a game at all. I don’t believe it will ever change. Codemasters just can’t be bothered. 

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