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Monte Carlo Suspicious WR (Pra d'Alart, 2000cc)


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I believe the top time in the 2000cc class for Pra d'Alart is done by a cheater, OneZeroOne. 20220112161317_1.thumb.jpg.974b808580989e81b4ff50985b52d1f7.jpg

The Impreza S4 is much slower than the Citroen C4, and they are ahead of other WR holders such as Jon Schaeffer. Here are split times to compare with from my own runs. The personal best time is done with Soft tires, and the stage time for that run is with Winter tires. 20220113113407_1.thumb.jpg.1bd35d7dd80e1208db5176dee1b017fb.jpg20220113113409_1.thumb.jpg.364fd338eca20be946192b5e6d6ca867.jpg

As shown, their times in the Splits 7 and 8 are extremely fast, and in a much faster car I was only faster by the start of the ice by 2s. In split 1 there is a long straightaway before the first corner where I can see the ghost of my personal best in the C4 pull away when I try to use the Impreza S4. They do not lose grip on the ice and seemingly accelerate as if on winter tires but manage to keep up on the tarmac below. 


For reference, I've also attached images of the times I can do in the Impreza S4 on Softs compared to my time in the C4 as a reference for what the car should be capable of. It is close to a 20s slower time with the S4. 




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OneZeroOne cheated in the first Dirt Rally as well. He even had (temporary) videos on Youtube showing how he had immense amounts of grip. He took them down when people called him out on it, and got himself banned in the process.


Good times.

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