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silverstone/britain 1:29.654 online setup F1 2015

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online equal performance setup for silverstone hope u enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9JI5vG4rvA

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You cut all corners jajajajaja. Incredible. 
I don't think he does, yes there is some very slight track extensions in places coming out of the corners but in my opinion its a pretty epic lap.  Why don't you post your own lap to show him how its done?

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Hi all.......

'It's All About Sunday F1 2015 Racing League'

I run a competitive F1 2015 league on PS4.  We have lost some drivers due to other commitments, and some due to cheating, so we are currently looking to fill the grid by the next race this Sunday.

We run 50% races with short qually.  
8pm(GMT) every Sunday.
Full traction control and pit assist are banned.  (We have a way of checking your traction setting)
Strict corner cutting on most tracks unless we find there is problems with this setting (Austria for example).
(If you can not race with these settings, please do not join)

Join the page on Facebook and i'll send you a message with some more details....


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