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2021 FIA World Rally Championship

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Jepsertti said:
I'm pretty sure that next season will be quite an interesting one. If Neuville can finish on the podium regularly during the first half of the season and drive the second half as he usually does, we might see him catch that top spot at the end of next season. Ogier is always a top contender for the crown, but don't forget Meeke. He's the one that developed the C3 WRC for the most part and he's proven his speed. I hope Latvala will have better luck next year, although if he joins Toyota I'm not sure. Hopefully we'll see Mikkelsen on the stages because he deserves an official seat, no question about that, and he'll probably finish second or third in the end then. Paddon will end up just below the top 3.

1. Neuville
2. Ogier
3. Mikkelsen
4. Paddon
5. Latvala

I had some spare time on my hands so I rambled on a bit. 
I agree with the points you made but my predictions would be:

1. Meeke
2. Neuville
3. Ogier
4. Paddon
5. Tänak (or Mikkelsen depending on his next year's plans)

I predict Meeke will be the champion if we only take pure car performance into account, because judging by the YT videos we've seen from tests so far I have to say that the C3 WRC looks like the most balanced and quickest car. But oh well, it's quite hard to judge it from a video so who knows!
I mentioned Meeke but I forgot to put him in my prediction list! Shame on me.

Revised prediction:
1. Neuville
2. Meeke
3. Ogier
4. Paddon
5. Mikkelsen / Latvala

Latvala should be rated much higher when looking at his skill level but he must be the unluckiest driver in WRC. Year after year he's running well in rallies when all of a sudden it goes horribly wrong. However he never gives up!

Tanak just outside the top 5. I like him a lot but he's not consistent enough. Still a few too many mistakes.
But hopefully he might surprise us all!
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Don't know if you all already heard but the Road Order goes back to old regulations.
I've got mixed feelings about this. IMHO If they're changing it they should put the lower classes first, then WRC2 and WRC drivers go last. This way there wouldn't be any "road sweeping" but there would be "fixing slow lanes" for everyone in the highest class.
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I'm also hoping for the cars to diverge a bit more in handling next year, and by the looks of it from testing it will be so.

The i20 looks sleek and neutral but very fast.
Citroen looks to be refined but like a bit more sideways action.
The Ford appears to be kind of... brutal. In a good way. 
The Yaris does look to be a bit slower than the others, but very lively in it's handling.
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Hey, back after like a year or so.

Personally, I'm a bit worried about how the cars are not only going to affect driving styles, but how regular, common brushes with the ground, trees, etc., in removing some front aero elements like wings and those killer sideburns ont he i20, are going to affect handling. Will sideways drivers start going in straight lines to take advantage of the downforce? Will clean drivers pull far ahead of the looser drivers like Paddon or Latvala? Will the loss of front raked wings and stuff after jumps or bumps cause cars to become way harder to drive? For instance, in Finland, not having a front aero element to counter the rear wing would be catastrophic at worst.
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So VW might stay in WRC next year after all, seems like they're willing to let a private team run their 2017 spec car, possibly with Ogier as driver.


"And in a unexpected late twist, there's a chance Ogier could stay at the wheel of a Polo R next year after all.
Although four-time champion Volkswagen ended its manufacturer involvement this year, there is a new push from the VW board to get the all-new 2017-spec Polo R out on the WRC stages with a privately-funded team."

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Huge freaking wings/aero, that's exactly what the same idiots thought would be good for F1 back in the late nineties.

Took them years to work out what everyone else had already seen, that they couldn't race with each other because the downforce was screwed up.

Now that won't matter in Rally, but having a massive reliance on aero is not gonna be good.
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