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2021 FIA World Rally Championship

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juu1ius said:
Well, that was fast by Meek :/ SD showed how much first guys will benefit from starting position.

Corner cutting on tarmac events should be banned...........it's not allowed on gravel so why Tarmac? It's unfair how handicapped lower starting cars on are in what realistically should be a level playing field (weather not included) Another failure for Meeke/Citroen.This is far from the season I was expecting from both parties.
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sqdstr said:
Meeke already out on SS1, he cut too much and hit the concrete block on the inside.
Steering or suspension damaged, stopped on the road and had to be towed away.
Meeke's WRC career with Citroen is DONE! I'll be surprised if he sees out the season.Just ask Duval and McRae how ruthless Citroen can be.

Honestly, Citroen has given him a lot of opportunities, but this year was just a complete disaster. They will go with Mikkelsen, Breen and Lefebvre for the last rallies, and I really doubt Meeke has any chance of a factory seat next year.
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I don't seem able to link it, but it has been posted in the comment section of the "Irish Rallying" Facebook page (it has been recorded off the TV so the quality isn't great). 

Having watched it again I'm not so sure now: I think it may be Meeke making corrections rather than a loose wheel as I first thought. 
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I'm enjoying this one, nice to see a Citroen near the top and this weather is making things exciting. Lots of different stage winners and with the championship so tight I can't imagine how Thierry is feeling first out knowing Ogier has been there and done this championship thing before.  :)
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Where do you guys watch WRC besides WRCplus?
WRC plus does not have any live stream today. But I guess they are driving today?
i use wrc+, twitter, one local  Estonian forum and http://www.motorsportforums.com/forumdisplay.php?14-WRC-World-Rally-Championship. Shakedown times can be found https://www.ewrc-results.com/. Also Estonain national TV has great coverage for the power stage on national with review from previous days :) 
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