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2022 FIA World Rally Championship


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Some thoughts:

  • Man Hyundai were a mess.
  • Happy to see Ford with a good car.
  • Loeb's still got it 🙂 
  • Shame we won't see a full-season Loeb/Ogier battle.
  • Breen's done good, Greensmith too.
  • I reckon it's Evans/Breene for the title fight.
  • The hybrid cars seem good, and definitely still sound good.
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On 1/21/2022 at 3:36 PM, Rogerbee said:

Thanks for that! Monte Carlo is on as we speak. I'd imagine ITV4 will have a highlights package next week sometime.

Wednesday I believe @Rogerbee. Red Bull TV coverage is pretty decent if you can't wait until then!

5 hours ago, merseyxshore said:

SO happy for Breen and Nagle, couple of true bobble-hatters on the podium for round 1 of their first full time WRC M-Sport drive!

110% agree. I am a huge Breen fan as this was a great start for the pair. Craig indicating that there is more speed to come which is really encouraging to hear. 

Incredible result for Loeb. Must confess I have been touting Ogier as greater than Loeb over the last year or so, but this weekend has definitely made me reconsider...

Loeb was arguably gifted first by the puncture, but he had to put himself in the right position to seize the opportunity and he did that in a new, unfamiliar, car after a fairly decent hiatus from the sport.

Really pleased for M-Sport. Really hope this is the start of a strong season for them. Disappointing weekend for Fourmaux, but very encouraging speed from Greensmith. Bit of a disaster for Hyundai, seems they have some work to do on the car before Sweden.

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Watched it this morning. Good rally. It's a shame, what with them being on the form of their lives, that the Sebs aren't competing full time. We'll just have to see what the rest delivers.

Note to Codies: I only want to drive the Col De Turini in daylight!

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27 minutes ago, Rogerbee said:

It's a shame, what with them being on the form of their lives, that the Sebs aren't competing full time.

It sounds like Rally Kenya is the next time we'll see them battle.

Both are not doing Sweden or Croatia I believe, and Ogier might be doing Portugal.

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