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2022 FIA World Rally Championship


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Dytut said:
Yeah it doesn't look good. When Seb is flying like that he's hard to beat. But El Condor is El Condor, anything can happen. I just hope that Paddon doesn't crasch out.
True. Ogier still needs to push to win, so maybe he'll go a bit too wide on one of those tight corners with the rock-faces and knock something loose. All the pressure is on Paddon though :( 

Call me pessimistic, but we all know what's gonna happen in the end. 
Ogier is an animal when he gets into the zone. At times he looks more forbidding than Loeb did. 
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I have to watch the onboard from that last run as soon as it's up on WRC+.

The fact that Paddon had the mental strength to come back and win the last stage after losing 20 seconds on the stage before really bodes well for the future.
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This live coverage really made me long for El Condor in Dirt Rally. One can dream...
It happens to me in every rally LOL. I see the coverage and say oh, imagine that in DiRT Rally, even bad rallys like mexico.
But just imagine it! The rockyness of Greece with double rock faces on both sides, fast, flowing, open sections like Wales and Finland but sprinkled with unmarked rocks, ruts and dips, and a slippery dirt surface. Sure would make for a unique challenge, especially if it were to combine both the flowing bits and the twisty bits into one stage short enough for the Ego engine.

In other news, how many of you think Latvala still has an open title challenge? As much as I love him, I'm afraid his title hopes are all but gone, once again prematurely.
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