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2022 FIA World Rally Championship


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Dytut said:

Except for Elfyn, the rollercoaster continues. Latvala gets a big puncture on SS8 and drops 30 seconds. Tänak also stricken with a smaller puncture, and goes down to 5th. Still just 40 seconds between 2nd and 6th, so anything can happen. Wonder how Elfyn and his DMacks will hold up to road sweeping tomorrow.

They won't have to. Cars start in reverse order of their positions. So he's going to have about the same road position as today.
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I have to say, when the hype train for the 2017 cars was rolling, I was skeptical that the season would be any more exciting than usual. I'm very happy to be proven wrong! It's so great to see serious competition in this sport again, between factory teams and smaller teams as well.

I'd be especially happy to see a different driver winning every event this season, that'd be pretty crazy.  ;)
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Damn it, Michelin. That puncture cost Latvala his rally. Still, if Ogier's car suffers hydraulic issues tomorrow and/or if the Jaris combo is really damn quick tomorrow I'd say Ogier's championship lead might dwindle.

Anyways, woooooah there Elfyn. That was quite the lead to lose. I'd go with him taking the win tomorrow, followed by Neuville. Really though, I'd like whoever wins at this point to a) not be Ogier and b) score a maiden victory. On that note, I find it really incredible that Elfyn might score his first win earlier than Ott. Ha, Malcom!
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versedi said:

Just waved at Latvala and he waved back at the service park. I almost peed with excitement :smiley:

Photo? :>

Meeke again out rolled :(

Man learnt from the master, drives like the master. 

BTW. Ogier:

Salida de pista de @SebOgier en el @rallyargentina
(No dijeron que tramo fue

Don't have a picture wiiith him per se (I'm in the same frame as him) but I do have pictures of him, Tommi, Jarmo Lethinen and Kaj Lindstrom. I even have a video of angry Tommi pointing a finger at an engineer, and a few pictures of Latvala and Makinen mid pep talk (I guess). Tell me what to share and I'll deliver ;)

Edit: sorry if I seem overly excited but as a first rally this is too much! It's everything I'd imagined it to be and more.
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It's fun getting close to the drivers! I've got quite a few autographs from the last couple of rally gb's, and my sister got selfies with Mikkelsen and Paddon! Enjoy your last day there!

Latvala's puncture was his own fault, to wide and hit the edge of the stage quite hard.

edit: I've not seen anything of kris' second crash, which normally means it was pretty serious. The car is a complete state, but maybe they were close to spectators? Could just be that the cameras came loose in the accident and the footage is t worth showing. Anyway, they're all ok, so that's alright
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3 stages to complete today.
I suppose Neuville will attack for the 1st place.

Ogier's fight for podium is finished unless Malcolm orders Tanak to give up a place for him (it would be wise considering championship standings).

So fantastic season so far, great fights.

Feeling bad for Mads, I was hoping for him to finish on the podium so we'd see even more new drivers up top :)

Standings for today:

3. ESTO. TANAK +26.8
4. FRAS. OGIER +49.9
5. FINJ. LATVALA +1:24.6
6. NZLH. PADDON +4:26.7
7. FINJ. HANNINEN +9:34.3
8. ITAL. BERTELLI +12:10.0
9. ESPD. SORDO +13:26.8
10. SWEP. TIDEMAND +13:57.5
11. NORM. OSTBERG +14:27.7
12. ARGJ. ALONSO +23:39.1
13. CHLP. HELLER +34:21.2
14. MEXB. GUERRA +56:34.1
15. PRYG. SABA RODRIGUEZ +1:04:14.8
16. POLH. PTASZEK +1:06:13.3
17. IRLC. BREEN +1:21:43.3
18. ITAF. FRISIERO +1:32:40.3
19. ARGC. CASTRO +2:21:39.4
20. ARGS. BIONDI +3:18:00.8

PS is live at 17:00 (17:08). 

Can't wait for the video of Chris crash, this photo looks *****. 
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