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Waiting for parts and Bazza

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All the parts on my Merc are level 8 other then one which is at 117 out of 120. In the time I’ve been waiting for those three cards. I’ve opened lord knows how many boxes. My level 8 parts have all increased by at least 75 cards. Meanwhile whilst the 3 I need remain elusive. Hmm I wonder why that might be. I guess everyone is the same. It’s just another example of how this game is rigged to make people spend. 
Look Barry BL no naughty words. 
I was banned by Barry for a week because I typed some naughty words. While we have your attention Barry Please can you make the developers aware that a great number of people know we never race peer to peer and the whole thing is totally predetermined. 
oh and please can I have three parts I need. Thank you so much for consideration. 
Sorry not Sorry. 

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So the thing I don't understand is if we are racing bots or ghosts or whatever, how are they so good at yeeting me? A pit maneuver is kind of a precise move. And as many issues as there are with the game, I have a hard time believing that type of behavior is coded into the game. And I think it would have to be because it's not just at the start. I've been pitted halfway through a lap. That's precision.

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Just read the many posts about why you can be 100% sure that you’re racing mainly bots. It’s just too obvious in many many ways. 

I really wonder if I’ve raced a real human ever at all. In the beginning I thought I did, but then I wasn’t paying attention yet to all the obvious signs. 

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I’ve believed both at times. Mostly real, mostly fake. One thing I’ve noticed the last week or so since there was an un-announced change, is that I’ve seen so many more wagging and corner cutters. 
I raced Monaco many times in a few days and 99% of those I raced against (12-15 different players)cut the chicane. 

Is that coded or real players? 

I’m starting to think maybe more real then we think. I’m sure many use hacks and cheats though. The whole ghosting thing is b.s when someone can close behind you, and tap you sideways into the wall. DNF. Spin and lose time at best. So sick of this. 

The ai are a joke anyway. They’re coded to snap back into the racing line. So if you’re quicker and about to pass an ai car, they snap back, smash into you and you’re done. 
That’s just s**t coding. Makes me wonder if cm have ever watched a car race of any series. 

Nothing seems matched fairly. I know you won’t get it perfect, but I still get beat by 12-15 seconds even with a pretty good lap. ***? That’s terrible. 

It’s arcade style. Ever noticed your fastest speed is when your behind? Mickey Mouse stuff. 

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Maybe I haven't played enough, although I just got into the champions bracket of the pro league (and yes it's saying bronze 1). But I have never lost by more than a few seconds if I race a good lap. I did just do quali at Monaco and the guy cut the chicane. Fortunately I was far enough ahead but a 2+ second lead went to a 0.2 second lead.

Where is the other corner cutting happening? I haven't really noticed it anywhere else. Also I'm still reading through the forums, but some of the reasons I'm seeing as proof we're racing bots, like opponents level or their win streak, I'm not entirely convinced by that. I just got into Champions but "I'm in bronze 1". I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are bugs around displaying player level and win streak info. But also I'm not always paying attention, but when I do my opponent is always somewhere in the 30-50 range.

I wonder where people are located. I'm in the Midwest US, and maybe different areas play more bots because of not being near many other players. Idk that could be completely wrong.

Ultimately I don't really care if I'm playing real people as long as it's good racing. Again though the rate at which my opponent attempts to punt me (probably 9 out of 10 times) makes me think it's a real player. Heck with racing like that I'd prefer to be racing bots.

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5 minutes ago, Game4ce said:

The opponents that cut the chicanes/corners are not Bots....that are the human opponents.  A Bot wil stay close to the raceline!!

You'd think really that there is no reason to race bots in quali anyway, not to say it never happens. In quali you don't really have to be racing an opponent live, it can be a ghost of a real player lap and it doesn't make any difference.

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Lads they are all bots. Every single one. The biggest give away is the no pending lap time when you’ve won with a 7-15 second time diff. Their time can’t be posted as they will not have passed the finish line. Monaco corner cutters are their because CM know we do it so they are too. The penalty for cutting that corner is so slight now you’d be a fool to not do it. It’s either win by a mile, lose by a mile or get punted off. Now I’m even getting 2 seconds leads eaten away in a long straight like the end of Spa. 

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1 hour ago, ThePope71 said:

Lads they are all bots. Every single one. The biggest give away is the no pending lap time when you’ve won with a 7-15 second time diff. Their time can’t be posted as they will not have passed the finish line.

Think this is indeed the best proof in a lot of races, but if you lose a race that can’t be used as ‘evidence’. For me in those cases the best evidence is that:

1. You can lose to an opponent that drives a few seconds faster against you than his PB displayed before the race starts.

2. In grid start duels the opponent drives faster than it’s own PB. All my PB’s are driven in qualifying.

3. The unlikely scenarios above almost always happens when you have a streak of 3 or more wins, which proofs to me it’s the algorithm that dictates when to lose or win a race.

4. After the first straight (mostly in grid starts) you’re already 2 seconds behind. I have the Mercedes’ chassis level 7 and a PI of 2226 now with mostly power, aero and lightweight points. Sure there will be players that have a better car than mine, since they’ve been playing longer than me, but that wouldn’t mean that they’re THAT faster on a single straight. Impossible. 

5. In a sprint or grid start duel you’re miraculously in front somehow against a ‘player’ that is (way) faster. Sometimes happens with a bit of ‘luck’. But all of sudden they make up two seconds in the last 2 or 3 corners and you still lose. Yeah right. 

6. Collisions always end in tears but not for the ‘opponents’. 

7. Look at the win ratios in the league (champion) rankings. All players above 0.5 and mostly between 0.7-0.9. Since we’re all racing each other with similar rankings, this is mathematically impossible. We can’t all have more wins than losses.

8. Sometimes I encounter an opponent with a very large win streak where it’s PB is 10 seconds slower than mine. You can’t have such large streaks with such bad lap times. 

9. Sometimes you end that large streak by beating that fake opponent, whereas in the next race you encounter the same opponent with still that high streak. Should have been reset to 0 after that I’ve beaten it. 

10. Etc. etc. etc. 

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